Special Scars – Special Women is a non-profit, volunteer-led organization that welcomes individuals who need support after a Special Scar birth, or providers who support individuals on their Special Scar journeys.

Our Special Scar community is a close, tight knit community of individuals with a variety of experiences and wealth of knowledge regarding our different scar types, birth, and other birth related topics. Our volunteer leaders, as well as our members at large, genuinely care for each other and share a unique passion to help others who also have a Special Scar.

Education is key component of our organization. In addition to offering support to each other, our organization also provides Special Scar birthers with tools and research that may be useful in talking with providers or support partners about options and choices when it comes to birth after a Special Scar.

You may find the resources on our site helpful if:


  • You have a Special Scar and are in need of information;
  • You are supporting someone in your life who has a Special Scar;
  • You are a care provider supporting existing or future clients.

Feel free to browse around and get to know the women of Special Scars – Special Women and how our organization came to be. Our site is filled with articles, studies and testimonies to support you in your quest.  

Support for Individuals with Special Scars

Special Scar situations can be quite traumatic depending on each person’s unique situation. In our private Facebook group, an exclusive group for those with a Special Scar, many share stories of exhaustion, challenges, grief, difficulty, and stress with their experiences during or after Special Scars. However, our private community offers individuals information, hope, support, encouragement, and choices when it comes to healing, birth, or life after a Special Scar. 

Whether you are recently recovering from a Special Scar surgery, planning a future pregnancy, expecting, or anywhere in between, we are here for you. Whether you are planning to have a vaginal birth after Special Scar (VBAssC) or a repeat cesarean section, our organization is here to support and encourage you. To anyone with a Special Scar reading this: have hope and know that you are not alone!

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