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Welcome to our shiny newly revamped home here on the Internet. We hope you like it and are able to find things and learn more efficiently with this new layout. For those of you who are new to the term “Special Scars” and are here looking for more information so you can support someone in your life who has mentioned they have one, welcome. Perhaps you are a care provider looking for information so you can better support your existing or future clients, welcome! Maybe you’ve arrived here after finding out you have a Special Scar yourself and you are in need of support, encouragement, and/or information; welcome, you’ve come to the right place! To the mamas who are here looking for support because you have a Special Scar yourself, we are so sorry that you have to be here but we are so glad you found us! The Special Scar community is a close tight knit community of women with a variety of experiences and wealth of knowledge regarding our different scar types, birth, and other birth related topics. We genuinely care for each other and all share a unique passion to help other women who also have a Special Scar. We also desire to get the word out about women like us to the birthing community at large so women like us can find the support we need when we are ready for it.

Special Scar situations can be quite traumatic for some women; I know my Special Scar surgery, recovery, and journey to VBAC with J scar were quite traumatic, intense, and exhausting for me on many levels. I would not be where I am today if I had not found the Special Scar community of women. I have benefitted tremendously from these amazing women and I am so thankful Jessica Tiderman found me on the ICAN Yahoo group/email list! She recognized my need when I was desperately looking for any information I could get my hands on regarding my unusual uterine scar (I didn’t even know I had a J scar yet) when beginning my journey to VBAssC. I could hardly believe it when I arrived in the group and learned that VBAssC was possible after hearing it was *impossible* in the medical arena I was in touch with. I remember reading the testimonies of the women who went before me feeling like I was finally able to breathe air in a medical world where the only medical options offered to me at the time were suffocating me! I felt forced (into automatic RCS b/c I “might” rupture), trapped, and hopeless…until I met the women at Special Scars. The rest is history. It is largely because of the support and encouragement of the wonderful women in the SS community that I sit here today writing to you as a mother of five beautiful children, the last two being VBAC births with J scar. I was able to find the correct and complete information I needed to make the best and safest choice regarding birth with Special Scar for myself and my family. Whether you are a mama just recovering from a SS surgery, planning a future pregnancy, expecting, or anywhere in between or after we are here for you. Whether you are planning to VBAssC or a repeat cesarean section, we are here to support and encourage each and every one of you. Our goal is to inform, support, and encourage. To any Special Scar mama reading this, have hope, you are not alone! Feel free to browse around and get to know the women of Special Scars and how Special Scars ~ Special Women was started. There are articles, studies, and testimonies all right here for your convenience. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!

Rosie Siebenthal
Special Scars~ Special Women

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