Who We Are

Special Scars – Special Women is a nonprofit, volunteer organization with a mission to promote awareness and understanding of unusual cesarean and other uterine scars and to support the individuals who have them.

For our organization, a special scar is a scar resulting from a Classical, Inverted T, J, Low Vertical, Upright T or any other cesarean incision other than the most often used Low Transverse. Also, any scar resulting from a myomectomy incision, IUD puncture, rupture or other unusual uterine scar. 

Our organization exists and manages this website in order to provide more accurate information to individuals with Special Scars. The site serves as a collection of information - articles, studies, and birth stories - regarding the possibility of vaginal birth after a Special Scar. We also support individuals who opt for repeat cesareans after Special Scars.  Our private Facebook page acts as a forum for those with Special Scars to receive support, encouragement, advice and other forms of guidance for healing after a Special Scar, or carrying a future pregnancy after a Special Scar and everything in between.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Special Scars – Special Women has a number of openings. Learn about Jessica, Tiderman, current Executive Director, below as well as our open board positions. If you are interested in playing an active role on the board, please complete a short application.

Open board positions include:

  • President
  • Treasurer (preferably an accountant)
  • Secretary
  • Future Executive Director

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Meet the Directors

Executive Director - Jessica Tiderman, mom of 5, has had 2 c-sections, the last section (for her 3rd child) was an Inverted T. She was told that she would not be able to vaginally birth another child. She did a lot of research about her scar and the possibility of VBAC while she was pregnant with her 4th child. After she achieved her VBAC and knowing how little research and other information was out there, she wanted to share what she found with all of the other women with similar scars. To that end, she started the Life After Inv T yahoo group. She changed the name of the group to Special Scars in the spring of 2010 because she thought Life After Inv T sounded too limiting considering the number of women that were joining that had the other unusual incisions. All of her birth stories are on her website.  Please send her links for any other Special Scar related study that you know of. Feel free to email her if you ever have questions or just need to talk, scream, rant, cry, or whatever. :-) She gets it.

Recorder - Bronwyn received her master's degree in population genetics, but mainly spends her time raising her own four genetic projects. She has had an array of birth experiences. Her first two children were born full term vaginally, the first with many interventions, the second with none. Her third child was born at 26 weeks via classical c-section due to placental abruption. Her fourth child was a 40 week VBAC. Bronwyn is passionate about empowering women with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.