Our Birth Stories

"We are still birthing women. We still have opinions, fears, and most of all, voices.
A different scar isn't going to suddenly determine where we go and what we do." ~ Bronwyn F.

Here is a collection of our birth stories, Special Scar C-sections, VBASSCs, repeat C-sections. If you would like to submit your Special Scar birth story and any that followed, please complete this form and email your story to Jessica.

Amy's Stories

  • Cesarean (Inverted T) Graham's Birth Story
  • VBAC Stella's Home Birth Story

Andrea's Story

  • Cesarean  (VBAC attempt turned rupture) Johnathan's Birth Story

Angela's Story

  • CBAC (Inverted T) Angela's HBAC attempt turned CBAC

Bec's Stories

  • Cesarean (Preterm Classical) Linus' Birth Story
  • UBAC Willow's Birth Story

Bethy's Stories

  • Cesarean (Inverted T) Raz' Birth Story
  • CBAC  Lolas attempted VBAC turned CBAC Birth Story

Bronwyn's Story

  • VBAC (Preterm Vertical) Lenore's Hospital Birth Story

C's Story

  • HBA2C (Inverted T) Home Birth Story

Cari's Story

  • CBAC (J) Cari's HBAC attempt turned CBAC

Christina's Stories

  • Cesarean (Low Transverse with extensive lateral tearing)
  • CBAC  Christina's VBAC attempt turned CBAC

Diana's Stories

  • Cesarean (Classical) Clementine's Birth and Loss Story
  • HBAC  Annabelle's Birth Story

Heather's Stories

  • CBAC (Inverted T) Addah's Birth Story
  • CBAC (with loss) Clara's Birth Story

Jenny's Story

  • VBAC  (left lateral extension involving uterine vessels) Scotlyn's Birth Story

Jessica Garcia's Story

  • HBAC  (Inverted T) Kage's Birth Story

Jessica Tiderman's Stories

Katie Perez's Stories

  • Cesarean (Preterm Inverted T) Katie's first cesarean
  • VBA3C Sergio's Hospital Birth Story

Kelley's Story

  • CBASSC (after preterm vertical) Stephen's Birth Story

Kelli's Story

  • Cesarean (low tranverse with tear) Elliott's homebirth turned c-section

Kelly's Story

  • Cesarean (Inverted T Cesarean, with Myomectomy and Hysterectomy) Samuel's Birth Story 

Kristi's Story

  • Cesarean (Preterm Classical) William's Birth Story

Kristie's Story

Krysta's Stories

  • Cesarean (Preterm Classical) Christopher's "Birth" Story
  • CBASSC Lil'K's "Birth" Story
  • RCS Baby K's Story

Leah's Story

  • VBA2C (Inverted T) Brody's Birthing Centre Birth

Lisa's Story

  • Cesarean (Inverted T) Cristian's Entry

Lorraine's Story

  • Cesarean (Inverted T) Martins's Birth Story

Mandy's Story

  • VBA2C (Inverted T) Holland's Birth Center Birth

Nicole's Story

  • VBA2C (Inverted T) Jacob's Hospital Birth Story

Nicole K's Story

  • Cesarean (Classical) Kai's Birth Story

Rachel's Story

  • VBAM (Myomectomy) Evelyn's Hospital Birth Story

Rebekah’s Story

Rowen's Stories

  • C-Section (Low Transverse, tore to her cervix, upright T) Q's Birth Story
  • HBAC Nova's Birth Story

Ruth's Story

  • VBAC (Preterm Classical) Jackson's Birth Story

Tiyama's Stories

  • Cesarean (Classical) Rowen's Birth Story
  • VBAC Castiel's unexpected VBAC Story